is the best kind of 'hood

It is easy to lose your Self in the needs of your kids, especially after a new baby arrives. It is even easier to slowly disconnect from your spouse if we're not mindful.


Private coaching is designed to meet your specific needs and priorities. Whether that means your next career move or how to manage your free time, find out if coaching is right for you. 


Coaching is available in person or from the comfort of your home.


The objective of this employer-sponsored program is to increase productivity by supporting the return and transition of a new mom, 
post maternity leave. 


Wellcome Back is offered in 3 ways:

  • Single Session

  • 3 Month Group Coaching

  • 3 Month Private Coaching

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As a mom we forget to fill our cup first because we are so involved with giving our all to our kiddos.  There are seriously not enough words to express my gratitude and peace of mind I have gained being surrounded by the beautiful mom's I met in this group.

I cannot say enough good things about the love that Daisy poured into us each class, by the amazing teachers and speakers she had during our sessions to the very thought provoking questions that have never been asked before.

There is pure magic in our group! It's such a relief to know I'm not on this motherhood journey alone. Fears, insecurities, challenges- it all seems less daunting when we come together and openly share and support each other.  


The objective of this program is to increase productivity by supporting the return and transition of a new mom, post maternity leave. Watch this video to learn more:


Are you a new mom dreading to back to work after baby? Are you experiencing separation anxiety? Are you an employer seeking retention on new moms or an employee dreading to go back to work after baby? You've come to the right place. Get in to touch to learn more about the program structure, delivery and cost.