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Health + Wealth

Health and wealth are two interconnected aspects that shape our lives. They not only encompass our physical well-being but also our emotional state.​I firmly believe that a healthy understanding of financial matters can greatly enhance the family dynamic. By fostering a positive relationship with money, families can experience a sense of security and alleviate stress.​At Sana Mente, we are dedicated to assisting you in taking the first step toward gaining clarity and control over your financial journey. Let us guide you on this path, enabling you to make informed decisions and create a solid foundation for your family's future well-being.



This program really helped me remember I have to take care of myself first so that I may take care of my family. That way, I will always be able to give them the best of me...which is what our families deserve. 


From the moment I met Coach Daisy, I knew she would relate to me because she is a great listener; you don’t feel pressured but instead, she invites you through the journey of self-discovery where you end up coming up with your own answers with her guidance.

I highly recommend her!


I cannot thank Daisy and Ozzie enough for helping me. I am a single mom of two boys. I did not think protecting my family or that setting up a financial game plan was even possible or affordable. They showed me different solutions I did not even know existed. I am beyond grateful for their service!


I'm so glad you're here. I want to encourage you, it' okay to lean on someone else for accountability when it comes to our health and finances. 

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